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10 Ways to Win a Girl Over – Even if you are born ugly and have no money!

I know what you’re thinking – this is impossible.  If you’re a guy without a hot car or a wallet full of cash, no woman is going to want to be with you – but you’re dead wrong.  You just need to know the secrets of getting a girl to realize just how special you are (as cheesy as that sounds).

I used to be just like you, a little awkward and a lot lonelier.  I used to spend my Saturday nights thinking about this one girl in particular, but because I thought she’d never go for me, I ended up playing on the Internet instead of going out on dates.  And then I found out these ten ways to make a girl fall for you.  My calendar is never empty anymore.

#1 – Remember that You’re a Hot Guy

If you’re acting like you’re the biggest nerd in the room, chances are pretty good that no girl is going to want to talk to you.  Instead, walk into the room as though you’re the one that everyone wants to talk to, and the hot women are going to notice and start coming up to you.

#2 – Talk to Everyone

You aren’t going to score points if you’re not talking to everyone you can.  Make it a point to talk to everyone in the room, if only for a few seconds.  As a bonus, this is going to make you much more comfortable around women.

#3 – Notice Things

Instead of simply talking about yourself the whole night, talk to women about themselves, their clothing, things they’ve just said, etc.  You want to show them that you’re interested in them and not just getting them into bed, even if that’s your main goal.  Compliments should be sincere though, so don’t just say that you like their shoes if you’re not prepared to say why.

#4 – Show Off Your Skills

If you’re good at something and you can display your talents when you’re around a girl you like, why not show off a little?  Even something as simple as ordering a drink in a complicated way can make a girl want to get to know you better.  Plus, this is going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

#5 – Rescue Her, But Only a Little

Girls do like to be rescued.  One time when I was out at a club, I saw an attractive woman having trouble getting a guy to leave her alone, so I decided this was my chance.  I walked up the girl and pretended to be her boyfriend, which made the other guy back off.  And I got a date out of my helpfulness.

#6 – Let Her Make the First Move

Standing around and talking to a woman is the best way to make a woman interested in you, even if you never ask her out. Once you’ve begun establishing a rapport, you are going to create a memory in the mind of the woman, which will cause her to wonder about you long after you’ve left the scene.  She’ll have to make the next move and that’s exciting for everyone.

#7 – Wildflowers and Other Cheap Gifts

Yes, it’s true, girls like gifts.  So if you want to win a girl over, why not try to find something to hand to her.  Something as simple as a napkin folded into a swan or some wildflowers can make her swoon for you – and they don’t cost a thing.  Just make it look like a grand gesture and they’ll treasure it forever.

#8 – Go for the Romantic Gestures

Walking a girl home is much more seductive than that hot car – well, unless you have to walk a really long way.  But offering to walk a woman home is going to win her over because of its simple charm.

#9 – Be Yourself

A radical concept, I know, but too often you go out to meet someone and you act like an idiot just trying to impress them.  And when you do get their number and then get to go out on a date with them, you have to remember what you were like in order to be the same person they wanted to date.  It’s exhausting and it’s unnecessary.  Just be who you are – that’s enough to win her over.

#10 – Humor works

Sending a note to the woman at the end of the bar that looks like it could be been passed in high school will probably make her laugh and it will certainly grab her attention.  Try to find a way to make her laugh and she’ll just melt.

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